Digital and Data Strategy


Our digital and data work will be care profession led and informed to drive the best health and care outcomes for the population we serve and will ensure that we use the best intelligence in the planning and delivery of care to benefit those most in need.

This Digital and Data strategy describes an ambition to improve the health and well-being of our region right now and into the long term by weaving our digital and data infrastructure, systems and services throughout the pathways of care we provide.

This requires ‘levelling up’ our digital and data infrastructure to help address the significant inequalities so clearly faced by parts of our population and ensure we successfully support all we serve. We are committed to turning ‘Intelligence into Action’. where we have increasingly sophisticated ways of understanding the health and care needs of our population, and then finding and intervening for those in greatest need to ‘turn the dials’ on improvement in their health and care outcomes in an equitable way.

As we invest into ‘levelling up’ our digital and data systems and relentlessly drive ‘intelligence into action’, we will deliver high quality, safe and equitable services that underpin the health, well-being and independence of our whole population both now and into the future.

Prof Rowan Pritchard Jones, Medical Director, NHS Cheshire and Merseyside