Cheshire and Merseyside Acute and Specialist Trust (CMAST)

Map of CMAST providers

CMAST, the Cheshire and Merseyside Acute and Specialist Trust Alliance, is a collaborative of providers.

In the immediate and short-term our vision is to ensure the coordination of an effective provider response to current system and NHS priorities including:

  • Ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response
  • NHS service restoration and elective recovery
  • Support and mutual aid
  • Sharing best practice, increasing standardisation and reducing variation

We will work together to speak with one voice, enhancing our ability to lead on system-wide programmes and workforce development, including harnessing clinical and professional leadership resources.  

In the medium and longer term we will develop an overview of existing services, locations and pathways to ensure they are patient-centred, productive, streamlined and of high quality.

We will work with system colleagues to ensure finances and organisational structures facilitate change and do not obstruct progress. We will work together, in Places and with partners to ensure that those in greatest need have access to high quality services.

* Also a part of the MHLDC Provider Collaborative

** Key system partner

CMAST programmes

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