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Coronavirus - Easy Read Guides

The videos below have been produced by the North West Training and Development Team. They share an update each day to make sure people have accessible, accurate and up to date information about Coronavirus.

All previous videos are available on NWTDT YouTube page -

01/04/2020 - Todays video is about the new words that we keep hearing

09/04/2020 - Staying safe from scams

Here is a really helpful paper our friends at Inclusion North wrote too

Police teams that deal with scams can be contacted on 0300 1232040 

13/04/2020 - Looking after your wellbeing 

Our friends at Warrington Speak Up have made some Top Tips videos about the 5 Ways to Well-Being on their FaceBook page too -

15/04/2020 - It’s really hard to work out what’s real news and what’s fake and it makes us all feel really anxious. This video tries to help explain how you can decide what is true and what may be fake -

16/04/2020 - your Health Passport

Today's update is about health and hospital passports

22nd April - Helping our lungs

Today's update has some exercises on how to keep our lungs healthy

21st April - NHS Nightingale Manchester

Today's update is about the NHS Nightingale North West hospital

20th April - Keeping connected

Today's update tells us how to keep connected during the Coronavirus outbreak

17th April - Using the NHS

Today's update tells us about when to call Health Services if you or someone you support is unwell or injured.

23rd April - Planning for people we support

Today's update looks at how we can plan with someone we support in case we get ill

24th April - Answering your questions

Today's update answers questions that people with a Learning Disability or Autism or both, have asked

24th April - Looking after yourself at home

Today's update shares NHS advice about how to treat Coronavirus symptoms at home

28th April - Ramadan and COVID-19

Today's update tells us about following Ramadan during the Coronavirus outbreak

30th April - Our lives matter

Today's update tells us our rights to equal treatments during the outbreak

1st May - Guidance for staff 

Todays video shares some helpful guidance from the Government and Health Education England, and is aimed at people who are paid to support people with a Learning Disability, Autism or both BUT some of the information will also be helpful for families or other people supporting someone with a Learning Disability, Autism or both.

4th May - Staying safe from scams

Today's update is about how to stay safe from scams

5th May - Getting better

Today's update provides information on getting better after you have had COVID-19

6th May - Looking after our Mental Health

Today's update helps us think about we can support our Mental Health during this time

7th May - Touching your face

Today's update answers a question about touching our faces

11th May - what now, what next?

Today's update explains what the government are saying we should do now and what might happen next, to help stop the spread of the virus.

12th May - What is changing?

Today's update looks at changes to rules about going out

13th May - Going out

Today's update gives more details about what we should do if we are going out of our home

14th May - Making a face covering

Today's update is about how to make a home made face covering

15th May - What to do to pass the time

Today's update helps if you get bored during the outbreak

18th May - Working together

Today we have a message from Mark Warren Director of Health and Care in Oldham and NWADASS lead for Learning Disability.

19th May - Keeping people safe from harm

Today's update tells us what to do if you are feeling unsafe or if someone tells you they feel unsafe

20th May - When will lock-down end?

In today’s video we answer a question that we are all asking everyday. When will this be over?

21st May - The NHS is here to help

Today's update is a reminder that that our NHS is still here to help us

22nd May - Looking after our Mental Health

Today's update is about looking after our Mental Health

26th May - Making decisions

Today's update is about the law that supports us to make our own decisions

27th May - Feeling better

Today's update shares some good news from some of our friends who are getting better after they have had the virus

28th may - What is changing

Today's update shares some information about some of the restrictions that are changing

29th May - Seeing more people

Today's update shares the information about changes in restrictions the Prime Minister told us about