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Procedures of Low Clinical Priority

Commissioning Policies

Historically, commissioning policies across Cheshire and Merseyside were developed centrally through association and support by Contract and Information Shared Services Unit (CISSU). In mid-2013 the Cheshire and Merseyside Commissioning Support Unit was commissioned to undertake a review of the policies on behalf of the Clinical Commissioning Groups across Cheshire and Merseyside. This review covered 12 Clinical Commissioning Groups, 2.5 million population, 420 GP Practices and 74 individual treatment/service lines.

The main policy draft changes were on updating the guidance based on new evidence and adding new services/treatments/procedures that have come on stream since the old policy was adopted.   Following this review, which included an extensive consultation and a full impact assessment, the draft policies were discussed by Wirral CCG at its October Governing Body, with a fully revised and updated document being approved in February 2015 to reflect Wirral CCG’s position.  It was agreed that these approved policies would become effective on 1stMay 2015. To be clear,  this means that these policies apply for any initial referral made for a condition from that date onwards.

Wirral CCG has recently conducted a further extensive review, consultation and full impact assessment to review this commissioning policy. This exercise was conducted in partnership with Cheshire CCGs (Eastern Cheshire, West Cheshire, South Cheshire and Vale Royal). Following this exercise, the draft policies were discussed at Wirral CCG Governing Body in February 2017 and a full revised policy to reflect our position will be effective from 1st April 2017. A copy of both of the following policies are available to view/download from this page:


Important note to patients regarding NHS Wirral funded treatment for subfertility
The following policy details the criteria which will be applied to funded treatment for subfertility by NHS Wirral CCG.
It is important for patients to consider the following definition of ‘childlessness’ which will be applied in addition to other funding criteria detailed in the policy document before discussing with their General Practitioner (GP).

Definition of Childlessness

  1. Funding will be made available where a couple have no living children from a current or any previous relationship, i.e. if there is a living child from a current or previous relationship then funding will not be available.
  2. A child adopted by a patient or adopted in a previous relationship is considered to have the same status as a biological child.
  3. Once a patient is accepted for subfertility treatment they will no longer be eligible for further treatment if a pregnancy leading to a live birth occurs or the patient adopts a child.